INVENSITY advises NORD Holding on the acquisition of a majority stake in the Cleantech company Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG with a technical due diligence

October 14, 2020 – Reading time: 4 minutes

  • Successful transaction in the cleantech/environmental metrology sector
  • Technology and Management Consultancy INVENSITY advises with technology and product know-how
  • Technical due diligence with focus on product portfolio and technological competitive position

The technology and management consultancy INVENSITY GmbH has advised NORD Holding on the acquisition of a majority stake in the cleantech company Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG with a technical due diligence. The goal of this transaction is to further expand the market position of Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG and to maintain the successful growth course of recent years.

In recent years INVENSITY has been mandated several times for technical and/or commercial due diligence in the field of (environmental) metrology and cleantech. Here INVENSITY used in particular its profound technology and product know-how from past projects in this area.

The Technical Due Diligence with focus on the evaluation of the technological competitive position as well as the product portfolio for the future development of Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik was conducted by:

  • Matthias Welge (Principal Consultant, Lead)
  • Daniel Meyn (Senior Consultant)
  • Simon Hofmann (Senior Consultant)

About Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik

Founded in 1991, Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG is a leading and independent group of companies for applications in the field of environmental, process and analysis technology. Headquartered in Markranstädt near Leipzig, with service and sales subsidiaries in Germany and a subsidiary in China, the company has more than 180 employees. In addition to environmental, support and maintenance services, the product portfolio includes fine dust sensors, filter monitors, dust measuring concentration devices, gas analyzers and volume flow meters. Customers are European and non-European companies, including firms from the energy, chemical, construction as well as waste and disposal industries, which are supported globally in meeting emission limits and monitoring various processes.

In 2018, EP Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering GmbH (Niederstetten) was successfully integrated as a wholly owned subsidiary. EP Ehrler is a specialist in the field of flow measurement technology for air, gases and fluids and develops its own customized as well as technology-oriented holistic solutions.

About NORD Holding

With a 50-year history and assets under management of € 2.5 billion NORD Holding is one of the leading private equity asset management companies in Germany. The focus is on the direct investment and fund of funds investment divisions.

The focus of direct business is on structuring and financing corporate succession models, the takeover of group divisions/subsidiaries and expansion financing for medium-sized companies. In contrast to most other financial investors who only manage funds for a limited period NORD Holding acts as a so-called “evergreen fund” with no time limit and invests from its own balance sheet. At present the company is invested in more than 15 companies in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

The Fund Investments division targets the small-cap segment of the European private equity market and focuses on primary, secondary and co-investments. NORD Holding concentrates strongly on buyout managers newly established on the market, operational investment strategies and regularly acts as an anchor investor.


INVENSITY GmbH is a technology and management consultancy with an international scope. It runs offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Munich, Detroit (USA), Barcelona (Spain) and Manila (Philippines). Among other things, it advises buyers and sellers on international M&A activities of technology oriented companies. The focus is on commercial, operational, technical and IT due diligence for the following industries:

  • Electronics industry
  • Engineering and plant construction
  • Cleantech / evironmental metrology
  • Software / IT
  • Automotive and transportation industry
  • Medical technology
  • Energy and building technology
  • Photonics


  • Matthias Welge

    Head of CoE Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Daniel Meyn

    Principal Consultant

  • Simon Hofmann

    Principal Consultant

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