Why your coffee machine will need security updates in the future
– talking about Technical Due Diligence in the context of security

September 17, 2020 – Reading time: 2 minutes, Video: 1 hour

Confused about the differences between IT Security, Embedded Security and Digital Forensic? And what does your coffee machine have to do with it? In our web-podium, we discuss the answers.

A few weeks ago, Stefan Marquart, our Head of Office in Hamburg, and Christian Beul, Technical Risk Consultant at INVENSITY, took part at a web-podium on the subject of “technical due diligence and why your coffee machines will need security updates in the future” – organized by the German M&A Association in the working group Digitalization.

If you want to watch the video of the web-podium, please click on the link on the right (for users mobile devices: please click on the link following the article).

Participants of the podium were:

  • Kuhlee, Head of the Digital Forensics & Incident Response Team within the Forensic & Integrity Services at EY
  • Christian Beul, Technical Risk Consultant & External Partnerships at INVENSITY
  • Latz, Head of the Data Protection Department in the Cyber and Information Security Business Unit at TÜV Technische Überwachung Hessen GmbH
  • Stefan Marquart, Commercial & Technical Due Diligence at INVENSITY

Topics included:

  • Differences between IT Security, Operational Technology Security, Embedded Security and Digital Forensic. They are using the same security toolbox, but they need to be adapted.
  • There is a major difference between security and safety, especially if we are talking about products or production lines.
  • Applications in the context of Technical Due Diligence and Security by Design
    • Security by design covers people, processes and technologies (e.g. IT hardware, chips)
    • What kind of assets do you have and what are the security threats?
    • Security protection is just the first step, but identification of breaches and setting counter response are the main goal.


Stefan Marquart
Stefan MarquartSenior Business Consultant
Christian Beul
Christian BeulManager

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