INVENSITY Kindergarten Contest 2020

July 14, 2020 – Reading time: 4 minutes

Everyday life for children is no longer the same as before Corona. The way back to regular operation in day-care centres holds great challenges for everyone involved. INVENSITY dedicates its Kindergarten Contest 2020 to the solution of just these challenges.

In search of a new normality – this is the motto of this year’s edition of the INVENSITY Kindergarten Contest. As every year, INVENSITY invites childcare institutions from Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich to participate in the contest. This time, ideas are required that aim to return to an appropriate care situation for children. A total of 5,000 euros in prize money can be won.

“The current situation has changed all our everyday lives – but children suffer in particular. In our opinion, this is very dramatic, because children are still in the process of development and this should always be supported in the best possible way”, Frank Lichtenberg, director of INVENSITY, sums up the focus of the Kindergarten Contest. He continues: “A great amount of flexibility, adaptability and creativity is currently being demanded of both the kindergarten staff and the parents. This is where we want to support.”

Adapted concept to mark the occasion

Since 2010 INVENSITY has held the contest annually. In recent years, the focus was on projects that brought children into contact with socially relevant topics in a playful way, which promoted creativity and social interaction. To mark the occasion, the competition was adapted to the current and real challenges of daycare centres – frequently mentioned here, for example, is the search for appropriate hygiene concepts and care alternatives.

“With our contribution, we want to make a difference where there is a lack of financial resources and courage to realize necessary ideas,” Lichtenberg emphasizes.

Applications possible until July 31st, 2020

Interested childcare facilities can still apply until July 31th, 2020. The application is deliberately designed to be uncomplicated and open, so that every institution has the same chance to participate. All that is required is an informal presentation of your idea and its way of realization on one or two pages. It should also describe what makes your institution stand out and how you would use the prize money if you won.

The winners of each location will not only receive 1,000 euros in prize money, but can also request technical or personnel support for the implementation of the projects, as required.

The project submissions will be evaluated by an in-house jury according to the criteria of innovation and creativity, feasibility and the participation of the kindergarten and its parents in the implementation. The winner will be announced in autumn 2020.

If you have further questions on how to apply, please get in touch with the contact mentioned on the right.


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