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AI is revolutionizing the industry – but how can you benefit from this technology? What is object recognition and machine learning all about? Our AI experts have found a way to assess AI according to its suitability for different companies.

AI Use Case Consulting

The market for artificial intelligence will grow disproportionately strongly in the coming years. But which companies will benefit most from this trend?

Basically, all companies can benefit. The most important factor will be to exploit the great potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning and to tailor them to one’s own products and processes. There are already a large number of known use cases of machine learning methods. However, the potential of machine learning is much more diverse and goes beyond the familiar applications.

AI Implementation

Object recognition

Object recognition has achieved a real breakthrough due to the great advances made in the field of neural convolution nets. In many disciplines, AI-based object recognition is more powerful and more accurate than conventional human recognition.

Application examples:

  • Driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Diagnostics based on imaging techniques
  • Quality testing in production
  • The implementation of AI-based object recognition is often more concrete than expected. INVENSITY will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and develop a suitable solution based on state-of-the-art network architectures

Machine Learning

Products and machines with an implemented control system offer optimal possibilities for the use of artificial intelligence. Every control system is based on the use of sensors that provide important data.

Examples of AI-based Machine Learning:

  • AI improves predictive maintenance
  • Efficiency increases

AI Assessment

As an investor, you would like to invest in target properties that meet market conditions and are therefore promising for the future. You want to help shaping the future.

As an entrepreneur, you would like to be part of the revolution. You want to use AI to optimize your work and production processes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is regarded as one of the key technologies of the coming decades. Companies in the technological environment will not be able to ignore it. But not everything that glitters is golden. Not every AI will be able to assert itself, just because it is an AI. New technologies bring not only opportunities, but also risks.

INVENSITY has dedicated itself to the topic Development of Artificial Intelligence for several years now and within the scope of its INVENSITY Technology Hub researches together with partners on different topics in the field of AI.

With the INVENSITY Artificial Intelligence Assessment, INVENSITY has developed its own assessment framework based on its many years of experience in various industries and subject areas. The aim of this assessment methodology is to obtain an assessment of the performance of the product, the methods and tools used, the underlying processes and the experience of the developers in order to increase the confidence of users and buyers in artificial intelligence.

INVENSITY has developed an AI Assessment to assess the performance of a target object in the artificial intelligence sector.

An article about the AI Assessment of INVENSITY was published in the renowned professional journal M&A Review. It tells you where the challenges lie in the evaluation of artificial intelligence and how you can meet them. You can find a link to the article in the right column next to this article.


  • Dr. Marc Großerüschkamp

    Head of Software & Data Technologies

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An article about the INVENSITY AI Assessment was published in the renowned professional journal M&A Review. It tells you where the challenges lie in the evaluation of artificial intelligence and how you can meet them.

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