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Are you developing excellent technology solutions that meet the challenges of today? We support you with our method and process expertise.

As a technology and innovation consultancy with an international scope, we are your partner when it comes to an efficient, risk-aware and regulatory-driven product development.

You can rely on us both as an accompanying consultancy and as an operational engineering partner within your project – and that across all aspects of the development process.

Our Centers of Excellence are an expression of our expertise. They embody our core competencies and those topics to which we attach particular importance.

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INVENSITY: Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

ISAT pro is our web-based security assessment tool for the systematic and efficient execution of Threat Analyses and Risk Assessments using attack trees.

With ISAT pro, it is possible to directly assign possible security controls to vulnerabilities and to compare their effectiveness.

EU Whistleblower Directive

INVENSITY & GT: Whistleblower System

Are you searching for a whistleblowing solution to implement the EU Whistleblower Directive?

The whistleblowing solution from Grant Thornton and INVENSITY enables you to implement the EU directive successfully and without great effort.

Safety Management

INVENSITY Functional Safety Assessment

Are you looking for feedback that affirms what you are doing is enough for the audit?

The INVENSITY Functional Safety Assessment optimally prepares you for your upcoming IEC 61508, ISO 26262, or DIN EN 50126 safety audit – fast, reliable, and without hidden costs.

Artificial Intelligence

The INVENSITY Technology Hub conducts research with partners on various topics in artificial intelligence (AI).

The associated knowledge development and the competence to apply existing knowledge to new areas are crucial to enabling our customers in the best possible way.

Process Consulting

R&D Efficiency Study

“The future of product development – increasing efficiency under new market conditions” is our comprehensive study that aims to improve its participants’ development processes and industry competitiveness.

All professionals involved in product development processes receive complimentary access to the study results.

Successful digital transformation starts with our employees. (…) INVENSITY has been (…) a strong and trusted partner to develop our digital (…) offering for the future.
Dr. Frank Hülsberg
Director, Technology & Innovation

Grant Thornton

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