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Senior Consultant
Turgay startete als Trainee und leitet als Senior Consultant mittlerweile sein eigenes Ressort.

"Was mich endgültig davon überzeugt hat bei INVENSITY einzusteigen, war der technische Case im Bewerbungsgespräch".


Tanja schult als Expertin für Qualitätsmanagement unsere Teams und unsere Kunden.

“Persönlich habe ich mich in den letzten Jahren stark weiterentwickelt und genieße die Unabhängigkeit und Eigenorganisation”


Holger überzeugte uns vor Ort auf einer unserer Hochschulveranstaltungen.

"Abschließend wurde ich zu einem letzten Gespräch mit dem Director eingeladen und nur 30 Tage nach dem ersten Interview war ich als Associate Consultant ein Teil des Teams."


Senior Consultant
Nach seinem Praktikum und seiner Thesis stieg Kai als Associate Consultant bei uns ein.

"Bereits während meines Praktikums habe ich das Angebot erhalten, meine Bachelorarbeit bei INVENSITY zu schreiben".


Karl gewann bei einen Kundenprojekt in China Einblicke in eine spannende Kultur.

"Ich erhielt die Möglichkeit, mein Wissen gemeinsam mit einem INVENSITY-Team auf einem Projekt im Ausland anzuwenden".


Associate Consultant
Marcel zertifizierte sich neben seiner Projektarbeit zum Prince2 Projektmanager.

"Du möchtest spannende Aufgaben erleben, die über Deinen normalen Arbeitsalltag beim Kundenprojekt hinausgehen? Dann bist Du hier genau richtig"


Arvind met us at a career fair at the University of Kaiserslautern.

"INVENSITY has provided me with innovative consulting projects both in-house and at the customer’s site".


Juliane lernt uns auf einer unserer Case-Studys kennen.

"Die Entscheidung fürs Consulting war für mich richtig, denn meinen Wunsch nach Weiterentwicklung und Vielseitigkeit habe ich bei INVENSITY als promovierte Quereinsteigerin verwirklichen können".


Business Consultant
Daniel startete als Technologie Berater und wechselte intern in unser Business Development.

"Nach einigen spannenden Projekterfahrungen und fachlicher Weiterentwicklung bot sich mir die Chance, einen internen Wechsel in das Business Development zu vollziehen"


Carlo's passion is automotive engineering and la dolce vita.

"After all, learning German and relocating to Germany as an engineering expert was not as difficult as I anticipated".


A Technology Consultancy in a nutshell

What does a technology and innovation consulting firm do?


INVENSITY supports its customers in complex technological challenges. We thereby ensure a sustainable level of excellence for well-known companies in the field of R&D. We develop our own cross-project methods and competences and contribute with profound knowledge in the high-tech field to the success of technological projects.

In our own Innovation Center we research current trends and topics and thereby offer added value for our customers. Our compentences cover: Innovation Management, Technical Project Management, Safety Management, Organizational Change, Systems Engineering and Software Engineering.


In what industries does INVENSITY work?


We provide permanant project success for well-known companies in research and development and in all different high-tech industries: Automotive, aerospace and avionic engineering, energy, medical technology and telecommunications.


What does INVENSITY mean by "consulting in the field of innovation and technology"?


In consulting, we continuously face the technological challenges of our customers. We provide sophisticated and innovative services to create ideal solutions. At INVENSITY, we accomplish that by using our internal knowledge and experience pool and by our own self-developed methods. We achieve our technological and innovative support by our outstanding talented employees. Together they create innovations and thus create added value for our customers. These innovations result from their technicals expertise and their creativity. In our consulting firm, we combine the personality, the experience and the engagement of our employees. They obtain a wide range of experience by working on diverse projects at the customer's location and in different industries. Every day, they have the chance to gain new insights and broader perspectives. The learning curve in consulting is typically steeper and longer than in industrial enterprises.


How INVENSITY differs itself from another engineering consulting company?


The concept of INVENSITY is characterized by the work on our internal projects and the knowledge exchange in-between the INVENSITY colleagues. Moreover, this is also emphasized by our colleagues that are working with team project at the customer's location. Working internally in one of our center of excellence as well as on the creation of innovation is another key concept at INVENSITY. The firm puts together its own long-term team, irrespectively of the customer's request, offering permanent work contracts with only short term probation. A wide array of projects guarantee a broad spectrum of experiences for the employees. We value a long-term collaboration with our employees and thus enable them to have a successful personal development. By developing themselves they support INVENSITY in its growth and facilitate the achievement of top performance. Regular and individual trainings are essential for us and this permits INVENSITY to achieve this performance. In our Academy we offer professional trainings in the fields of methodical skills, personal excellence, technical knowledge and leadership.


Where are the INVENSITY offices and job sites located?


Our offices are in Düsseldof, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Munich and Detroit. They are our organizational home bases, where trainings, meetings and internal projects take place. Moreover, they are the initial meeting points for a variety of events and after-work experiences. All our employees are administratively assigned to one of our offices but they mostly work at the customer's location. In general, the project assigned to our employees are not too far from their respective office. The projects are mostly within Germany.


How would my working hours look like at INVENSITY?


We want to work together in a long-term relationship. INVENSITY is not among those consulting companies where an employee works 70 to 80 hours per week. Based on a trust realtionship, you can expect to work about 40 hours for your project plus your input for the internal projects. This additional commitment usually serves to fulfil your goals and will result in a paid premium. We want to allow flexibility on both sides; thus you will not always work exactly 8 hours. Overtime will not be aditionally remunerated, but it will influence your personal result- and performance-related bonus.


How would be a typical work day look like at INVENSITY?


Every start, every day, every project is different. This is precisely what makes working at INVENSITY so exciting and diverse. The daily work will be dominated by the project at the customer's location and the internal work and knowledge exchange within INVENSITY. A day will never be boring with us, because in between two projects there will be exciting topics to work on internally, where every helping hand and new ideas are welcome.


How can I develop myself personally?


The INVENSITY academy is an important component of our corporate culture as it contributes to your and our personal development. You will receive high-quality trainings that will boost your personal and professional skills and help you build your expertise. Topics for personal skills are, e.g. personal excellence, social competences and leadership. In the professional field the topics are , e.g. technical knowledge and methodical skills. Depending on your personal interests as well as your project-related professional topics, you and your mentor will develop together an individual personnel development plan. This development plan will provide the best possible support to your personal and professional growth. A long-term goal for our company is that all employees take the role of an active trainer. Additionally, INVENSITY offers you professional coaching for specialized topics. It complements and supports our academy by adding a fast delivered know-how of targeted and oriented application. The coaching you will receive is in the form of an intensive support from an experienced colleague, with practical experienced in the chosen field. The coaching by INVENSITY is a fast reacting and flexible one that will meet your requirements and expand your skills specifically for the required application.


How will my integration phase look like?


As soon as we receive your commitment, you are officially a part of INVENSITY. You will then first receive all the necessary information for your first day.This day will start in one of our offices with your official integration. Not only your new colleagues from administration, but also all colleagues willl help you with any problems you might encounter. You will receive a briefing on the safety and security at the work place, on information management and on the organisation. Your corporate laptop and a mobile phone will be waiting for you. Your mentor and your head of department will first contact you and introduce themselves. Starting from your first day, you will start a regular communication and knowledge exchange with both of them. In the following weeks your trainings needs will be documented in your personal development plan. In your first training with the INVENSITY Academy you will gain an insight into the basics of how the trainings works. These trainings have a target on professional and personal skills, which are skills needed to prepare you for your first project. Within the first four weeks at INVENSITY you will have your intial kick-off personnel development interview with your manager and you will agree upon your first four targets. After six months, if the goals have been successfully achieved, you will receive a bonus.


How can a graduate work as a consultant?


At INVENSITY you will will never work alone. We work in mixed teams at the customer's location, where different levels of experience are met so that everone can develop his/her own potential in synergy with the team. Thereby, we combine longtime experience with fresh ideas and new theoretical and academic knowledge. Moreover, we intensively prepare you for your first project. Target oriented trainings from our Academy, and if needed, professional coachings will enhance your preparation; your mentor and and your department will ensure extensive assistance.


What kind of career opportunities are available?


Your career development depends on two factors: theoretical and practical experience. We make the distinction between the consulting, the management and the direction level. In each level, there are various career steps that are differentiated according to experience and seniority. As you climb the ladder, each new step increases the prerequisites, the expectations and the responsibilties. A single step is not tied to a specific assessment period. We fully encourage our employees in their professional development, however, the speed of your career is only determined by yourself. The level of your performance, of your commitment and of your dedication will determine your career speed. Every six months you will discuss your career status with your manager and agree on new objectives that will determine your salary raise and your bonus. Moreover, you will receive a detailed 360° feedback for a better self-assessment of your personal development.


Which personal development opportunities are there?


As a new team member at INVENSITY you will encounter a lot of new challenges. But fear not! You will not face them alone. Our individual mentoring programm will promote your talents and skills from Day 1. The purpose of the mentoring programm is to facilitate the employee's (=mentee's) personal development and career planning. The mentor is in this case not a superiour, a manager or a teacher, his task is to be a model, a live example, as a consultant to promote the values of INVENSITY and to give advices, through his experience, on conflicts and challenges that could arise.The mentee has the opportunity, in the course of the mentoring programm, to discover his (hidden) skills ans futher develop them. These will help him develop and form his personality based on his values. The mentoring programm also serves as a constant guidance to ensure that the mentee reaches his bi-annualy development goal.


Are there opportunities to work abroad for INVENSITY?


All our international projects are made exclusively with consultants, who have already gathered relevant and specific experiences at INVENSITY and its customer's locations. As there are collegues from more than 15 different nations working at INVENSITY, no one has to go abroad to gain intercultural experience.


Which fields of expertise is INVENSITY looking for?


We are specialised in the realization of technological projects. Therefore, we are looking for university graduates and experienced colleagues (f/m) from the technological and naturals sciences study fields, e.g. STEM-subjects ( sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics) such as computer sciences, electrical and electronics engineering, industrial engineering and application-oriented physics. Of course applicants (f/m) from related disciples are welcome too, if they share our passion for technology. What matters to us in general is: personality, motivation, expertise, flexibility and mobility.


Which documents are necessary for an application?


Your digital application is the base for our first selection. Kindly send in your complete application (incl. contact information, e.g. phone, email, address), your letter of application, relevant credentials and, if applicable, a scanned copy of you current work / residence permit. If you send in an unsolicited application, please also include a description of which field of employment you are interested in and how you could contribute for the company.


What do the terms mobility and flexibility mean at INVENSITY?


Flexibility at INVENSITY means to be open for new challenges regarding tasks and topics. To continously improve one self and to build a broad spectrum of knowledge because the projects at INVENSITY change regularly. A steep learning curve is expected because each project are different. You will spend most of your working days at the customer's location, so we initially expect a 100% mobility from our new colleagues. As you gain experience and seniority less mobility is expected.


What can I expect from the application process?


At INVENSITY there is no assessment center but profond interviews with experienced consultants giving you the opportunity to get familiar with the company and up to four potential colleagues. You will also have the opportunity to ask specific questions. The interview process is intiated by a telephone interview that is followed by two consecutive personal interviews in one of our offices. Subsequently, you will receive individual and detailed feedback that reflects the positive factors and the development potentials of your interview performance.


Does INVENSITY offer internship and thesis positions?


We offer internship and thesis positions, only if they are part of your mandatory curriculum at your university. Our requirements are that you are at least in your second year of studies and are available for a minimum period of three months for your internships or your final thesis. We recommend to apply early, i.e. at least 2-3 months prior to your start date, as we offer a limited number of positions per semester. As we are a technology and innovation consulting firm, we cannot offer any pre-study engineering internships because we do not provide manufacturing services.


Are there opportunities for permanent employment after an internship / a thesis?


If after an internhip or thesis both parties are interested, we will certainly look into the opportunities for a permanent employment. Many of our current employees started at INVENSITY with an internship or a thesis and are now permanent team members. Please refer to our employees' first-hand reports online. We currently have a retention rate of about 85% of our students.


Is there a trainee programme at INVENSITY? Whom is it targeted at?


The INVENSITY trainee programme lasts three to six months and is aimed for candidates (f/m), who only gathered limited practical experiences during their academic study programm or are career changer without a technological background. The trainee advisor supports all trainees in their systematic knowledge building process and their first project experiences. After a successful trainee phase, the candidate automatically joins the team as an Associate Consultant.


There is no online job offer that suits my skills and interest. Does INVENSITY accept unsolicited applications?


Our advertised job offers are only examples of possible projects options. Since our business is highly dynamic, they are not always reflecting our requirements. We welcome unsolicited applications, as we do fill most of our vacancies by them. This applies not only to permanent employment positions, but also to internship or thesis.


How many months in advance should I apply?


Kindly send in your application by email or mail at least 6 weeks prior to your desired start date. If you would like to do an internship or write your thesis at INVENSITY please send in your application 2 to 3 months in advance, as we do only have a limited number of vacancies each semester.



As a new employee at INVENSITY you will encounter new challenges. But you will not have to face them alone. We offer you the opportunity to develop yourself both professionally and personally. By joining the forces of our Academy, our internal personnel development, an individual mentoring, and specialized coaching we will help you to grow.  All personnel development measures are all reflected in your personal development plan and are part of your own career development.


Individual Development and Academy


The INVENSITY Academy is an essential element of our business concept as well as for your personnel development. You will receive high quality trainings that promote your personal and professional skills. Topics for soft skill trainings are e.g. self-management, leadership and communication. Technical topics usually deal with Leadership, Personal Excellence, Methodical Skills and Technical Knowledge

Depending on your personal interests as well as your current project-related topics, our HR experts will compile an individual development plan for you. Our long-term target is that every employee becomes an active stakeholder in the Academy, either as a coach or as a trainer.




From the first day on every employee at INVENSITY has an experienced mentor on his/her side. The objective of mentoring is to support the new employee’s (=mentee’s) personal and career development.

The mentor is, however, not a supervisor, a manager or a teacher. The mentor is a role model as consultant and sponsor. He lives the values of INVENSITY, shares his experiences and serves as a competent mediator in conflicts and challenges. The mentoring program enables the mentee to discover his/ her (hidden) skills and develop his/her personality towards his/her own values. Moreover, the mentoring is an active part of the personal development as it helps the mentee achieve his/ her four assessment goals that are assessed in his/her individueal development meetings.

The relationship between mentor and mentee is a long-term partnership that is based upon trust and confidentiality. The mentee proactively influences the topics he/she would like to talk about. The mentoring tandems meet regularly to discuss current matters. Besides topics such as administrative processes, successful networking and the methodology used in customer projects, the most important content of the mentoring are all career and personal development related issues. Becoming a mentor is an essential step in the personal development of every employee. As you gain seniority and professional experience you will be able to guide mentees and share your experience with them.

The vision, the values and the methods for the mentoring program are determined by the INVENSITY Mentoring Board. The Academy offers workshops and trainings on mentoring skills.

The mentoring program lives the corporate values of INVENSITY: Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Sincerity, Commitment and Fairness. Mentor and mentee learn how to deal with recognition, praise and criticism in professional life. Both take active responsibility and maintain transparent communication with each other, with their colleagues and the management.




INVENSITY offers you professional coaching for specific technical topics and methods as well as application knowledge. If necessary, experienced colleagues will provide coaching, and intensive support contributing their practical experience in technical fields. The INVENSITY coaching reacts quickly and flexibly to your needs and enhances your competences specifically for the required use.


Career Path


The career development at INVENSITY depends on the individual study-related theoretical and practical experience as well as on the relevant professional experience of a new employee. There are three different career levels and for each level there are predefined career steps. Every employee is placed on an adequate level based on experience and seniority. Step by step, with each career step responsibilities and competencies increase.

There is no fixed timetable for the career steps. INVENSITY fully supports your professional development, but the pace of your career is up to you: you determine it with your performance, your commitment and your dedication.

Every six months your manager will invite you for your personnel assessment interview and agree on four new career objectives with you. The extent to which the goals have been reached will be assessed and you will receive a detailed feedback concerning your performance, your engagement and an update on your career status. For each achieved goal you will receive an individual bonus based on your target achievement.

Moreover, you will receive a 360°-feedback by your mentor, your head of department, your manager and yourself. This feedback gives you a fair and detailed review of your personal development.



Once you have signed your work contract, you will be welcomed on board at INVENSITY.

Our team is prepared to provide a soft landing and a smooth integration into German business culture and your new job.

Well ahead of time you will receive all the necessary information for your integration week and any documents we might need. Should you need a work permit, our HR experts will contact you to council you on the process.

On your first day you will receive your company laptop and your smart phone. During your first week we will give you an overview and a detailed insight into INVENSITY, including an occupational health and safety training, our knowledge management system and all other available sources of information and organizational knowhow. Your mentor and the head of your department will introduce themselves to you and their work. One of our experienced international colleagues - our INVENSITY integration coach - who will provide any needed tips and tricks on living and relocating to Germany as a foreigner.

As not all questions might be presenting during you first week, your mentor, all other colleagues and the back office are prepared to answer all further questions.

In the following days your local HR expert will evaluate your training needs and custom-tailor your personnel development plan to your needs. Our internal ACADEMY offers basic courses as well as more advanced training for soft / personal skills, leadership and engineering knowledge. Our entry-level workshops focus on preparing you for your first project.

After the first month at INVENSITY you will have a kick-off assessment with your manager, to define your first four areas of personal and professional development. Six months later these goals are assessed in a 360°-feedback by your mentor, your head of department, your manager and yourself. Your performance then pays off as you receive your first bonus based on your achievements.

During the following six months at INVENSITY you will start working on an INVENSITY project at one of our customers’ sites. Sidelining the customer project are internal projects, a regular communication with your department and the guidance of your mentor to support your personal development.

The INVENSITY concept also includes working on internal research and development projects plus the knowledge management and exchange within the different teams and the company.

Each employee has four individual goals that contribute to our company’s success. By working on your goals you become part of INVENSITY’s success story.

Every six months your manager will invite you for your personnel development interview (assessment) and agree on four new career objectives with you. The extent to which the goals have been reached will be assessed and you will receive a detailed feedback concerning your performance, your engagement and an update on your career status. For each achieved goal you will receive an individual bonus based on your target achievement.

Over the next seven to thirteen months your responsibility for our customers’ projects increases. Additionally, your internal department will entrust you with a first technical work package of your first research and development project.

By now, your mentor will have gone over some important topics of the mentoring program and you will have learned a lot about the company and about yourself. For your own career development and for the further development of INVENSITY you work on your current four assessment goals, that will lead you step by step to the next career level.




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