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At the INVENSITY academy we teach our expertise and own methodologies to our consultants and any interested clients.


As a new employee at INVENSITY you will encounter new challenges. But you will not have to face them alone. We offer you the opportunity to develop yourself both professionally and personally. By joining the forces of our Academy, our internal personnel development, an individual mentoring, and specialized coaching we will help you to grow.  All personnel development measures are all reflected in your personal development plan and are part of your own career development.


The INVENSITY Academy is an essential element of our business concept as well as for your personnel development. You will receive high quality trainings that promote your personal and professional skills. Topics for soft skill trainings are e.g. self-management, leadership and communication. Technical topics usually deal with methods, strategy & innovation, technical management and engineering competence.

Depending on your personal interests as well as your current project-related topics, our HR experts will compile an individual training plan for you. Our long-term target is that every employee becomes an active stakeholder in the Academy, either as a coach or as a trainer.


From the first day on every employee at INVENSITY has an experienced mentor on his/her side. The objective of mentoring is to support the new employee’s (=mentee’s) personal and career development.

The mentor is, however, not a supervisor, a manager or a teacher. The mentor is a role model as consultant and sponsor. He lives the values of INVENSITY, shares his experiences and serves as a competent mediator in conflicts and challenges. The mentoring program enables the mentee to discover his/ her (hidden) skills and develop his/her personality towards his/her own values. Moreover, the mentoring is an active part of the personal development as it helps the mentee achieve his/ her four assessment goals that are assessed in his/her biannual assessment meetings.

The relationship between mentor and mentee is a long-term partnership that is based upon trust and confidentiality. The mentee proactively influences the topics he/she would like to talk about. The mentoring tandems meet regularly to discuss current matters. Besides topics such as administrative processes, successful networking and the methodology used in customer projects, the most important content of the mentoring are all career and personal development related issues. Becoming a mentor is an essential step in the personal development of every employee. As you gain seniority and professional experience you will be able to guide mentees and share your experience with them.

The vision, the values and the methods for the mentoring program are determined by the INVENSITY Board of Mentors. The Academy offers workshops and trainings on mentoring skills.

The mentoring program lives the corporate values of INVENSITY: Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Sincerity, Commitment and Fairness. Mentor and mentee learn how to deal with recognition, praise and criticism in professional life. Both take active responsibility and maintain transparent communication with each other, with their colleagues and the management.

INVENSITY offers you professional coaching for specific technical topics and methods as well as application knowledge. If necessary, experienced colleagues will provide coaching, and intensive support contributing their practical experience in technical fields. The INVENSITY coaching reacts quickly and flexibly to your needs and enhances your competences specifically for the required use.

Career Path

The career development at INVENSITY depends on the individual study-related theoretical and practical experience as well as on the relevant professional experience of a new employee. There are three different career levels and for each level there are predefined career steps. Every employee is placed on an adequate level based on experience and seniority. Step by step, with each career step responsibilities and competencies increase.

There is no fixed timetable for the career steps. INVENSITY fully supports your professional development, but the pace of your career is up to you: you determine it with your performance, your commitment and your dedication.

Every six months your manager will invite you for your personnel assessment interview and agree on four new career objectives with you. The extent to which the goals have been reached will be assessed and you will receive a detailed feedback concerning your performance, your engagement and an update on your career status. For each achieved goal you will receive an individual bonus based on your target achievement.

Moreover, you will receive a 360°-feedback by your mentor, your head of department, your manager and yourself. This feedback gives you a fair and detailed review of your personal development.