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INVENSITY is involved in various boards and committees, and so is always at the cutting edge in terms of global system engineerin.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”


Even Aristotle, the first great taxonomist among the philosophers, understood that a system not only consists of individual subsystems, but also consists of the corresponding network - and so creates complexity.

Today’s products are mostly highly complex systems

More than ever before, companies are today forced to make their products better, faster and more cost-effective. At the same time, products are becoming ever more complex due to an increase in interdisciplinary challenges.

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach for successfully developing complex systems

The systems engineering approaches are used for the market-oriented development of complex technical systems on time and within budget while incorporating the necessary roles and disciplines. The approach is therefore interdisciplinary and covers a wide spectrum of branches.

INVENSITY pools its consultants’ existing methodological expertise and experience with regard to systems engineering

The systems engineering center of excellence looks at the product considering the entire life cycle and offers processes, methods/techniques and organizational structures in order to solve our clients’ problems.

The systems engineering CoE in this regard focuses primarily on the development processes and their tools, as these play a central role in the controllability of systems of high complexity.

INVENSITY is your reliable partner for all matters relating to system development

We use our methodological competence to assist our clients with the development of complex systems throughout the entire life cycle and thus achieve optimal results. Thanks to our employees’ experience and their self-reliance, we are held in high regard by our clients. Developing systems engineering solutions within our high-performance teams is the primary objective so as to be able to offer these solutions externally.

The interaction between interdisciplinary institutions at INVENSITY produces additional synergies for clients

In order to create the best possible synergies and to allow for the interdisciplinary notion of systems engineering, we rely on close coordination with the other CoEs in areas that overlap, such as safety requirements management or process-oriented project management. The systems engineering CoE brings together the INVENSITY consultants’ wide range of knowledge, with the aim of passing on the experience both internally and externally.

The range of consulting services offered by the systems engineering CoE cover a wide spectrum