CoE Systematic Innovation

“One cannot overtake someone if one follows in his footsteps.”

Francois Truffaut

Innovations are catalysts of growth

The unique potential of innovations is indisputable. Up-and-coming companies recognize opportunities and are in a position to make the right decisions quickly. Sustainable profitable growth requires one to recognize one’s own strengths and to apply these in a targeted manner. A holistic innovation management makes it possible to bring about innovations intentionally. Following a systematic approach right from the beginning enables idea generation to be oriented towards definite market potential. By creating a systematic, repeatable and so resource-efficient innovation process, it is also ensured that one does not lose sight of productivity, crucial for a company’s success. Innovations do not just have to contribute to improving the range of services - they must also increase revenue over the long-term, i.e. be profitable. You can find more information on our approach for minimal-resource innovation management here.

INVENSITY would like innovating to become a matter of course. This requires a systematic and efficient approach.

Innovation management is not an end in itself, but must instead aim towards measurable results. To achieve this, INVENSITY has developed a specialized approach, which enables systematic and efficient proceedings in the field of innovation.

  • High-quality solutions, which can be reproduced thanks to the unique, highly systematic method of idea generation
  • Increasing the success rate of innovations
  • Efficient innovation management, which delivers results while using fewer resources

Systems and creativity are not contradicting one another, they rather reinforce one another. A systematic approach steers creativity towards fertile grounds, thereby ensuring targeted growth. INVENSITY’s core competence here is in integrating systems into the creative process. You can find out more about our specific methods for systematic idea generation here.


The systematic innovation CoE uses an integrated approach in order to be able to increase synergies

Innovation management is a complex process, which has a bearing on all functions and areas of a company. INVENSITY follows a comprehensive approach of integrated innovation management. The intention is to avoid conflicts of objectives, which often occur when sub-aspects are considered separate from one another.

This multidimensional view of innovations leads to a better understanding of products, which can significantly improve the chances of success. Not least, because only an integrated approach can prevent duplication of work and is able to boost synergy potential which in turn has a positive impact on the costs of innovation. These processes can be assisted by using structures and systems such as innovation monitoring and performance measurement systems. You can find out more here.