Technical Expertise

Alongside the important management disciplines, INVENSITY also offers services and operational support in the area of technical implementation. The systems engineering CoE offers diverse methods and skills for the successful development of complex systems. As a member of the Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering (GfSE, Society for Systems Engineering), the SE CoE always keeps up-to-date with global advances in structured development and is constantly increasing its knowledge.

Our technical expertise includes the INVENSITY experts’ existing knowledge in the field of software, hardware and functional development, as well as knowledge and experience with a wide range of tools. INVENSITY undertakes its development work using state-of-the-art methods and techniques, such as MBSE or SOA. We also use knowledge management and detailed training courses to further develop our skills in order to be able to apply them effectively.

Functional Development

With systems becoming increasingly more complex, concept and functional development within model-based systems engineering (MBSE) are part of the standardized approach today. Tools such as MATLAB®/ SIMULINK® and software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulations are used to develop models which already fulfill the requirements of future systems as best as possible.

INVENSITY develops functions and models with you or successfully assists you with training courses on tools and approaches. The consultants’ expertise also offers, for example, the transformation of models in the dSPACE environment, in order to enable both hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests and function trials in the real system.

SW & HW Development                     

In the field of software and hardware development, the INVENSITY consultants have wide-ranging experience gained in various projects and can therefore support you optimally in your project-specific tasks.

Depending on the system to be developed - whether embedded, application software or web application - we offer expertise in various programming languages, paradigms and tools for modeling and implementing software.

In the field of hardware development, you will be assisted by experts in various development tools in areas such as control engineering or bus systems (e.g. CAN). Our consultants offer you expertise from the drafted circuit diagram through to the programming of logic modules, CPLDs and FPGAs.

We use our experience to assist you in an optimal, project-specific manner. In this we are guided, for example, by process models such as the V-Model XT, IEC61508, ISO 12207 and ISO 15288 (or CMMI and SPICE), in order to assist our clients with successful development right from the beginning. Our high level of knowledge in the field of systems engineering is of just as much benefit to us as our considerable experience with a wide range of tools for diverse tasks. From application through to workshops and training courses - INVENSITY will support you through the whole system life cycle.

Systems Engineering Knowledge

INVENSITY offers its clients a unique benefit in its internal centers of excellence and the innovation center. The extensive INVENSITY pool of knowledge is available to all participants thanks to organized knowledge management. This means that each member of staff’s technical expertise is optimally bundled and expanded, whereby the technical competence of project management is increased. Our experience in knowledge management can be adapted to suit our clients’ needs and helps you when developing and optimizing knowledge management throughout your organization. We also offer training courses on approaches and tools, which are based on our bundled expertise and many years of experience.

We will be happy to use our technical expertise to assist you in your projects.

INVENSITY is your reliable partner - talk to us. We are at your disposal for further questions.